FCERM.net October Webinar

Event date: 
Wednesday, 28th October 2015
Event venue: 
On-line, 12.15pm
Event description: 

In the October webinar, Dr Emily Lawson will examine:

Learning and Action Alliances to develop a Blue-Green vision for urban flood risk management

The presentation should last for 15-20 minutes and we will reserve 10 minutes at the end of the webinar for questions from participants. To participate, all you require is an internet connection and this participation link


Emily is a Research Fellow at the School of Geography, University of Nottingham, and is the lead researcher and project co-ordinator for the multi-disciplinary EPSRC funded research project 'Delivering and Evaluating Multiple Flood Risk Benefits in Blue-Green Cities' and associated “Clean Water for All” initiative (a UK-US collaboration). Emily’s current research focuses on identifying the uncertainties and challenges that act as barriers to the widespread implementation of Blue-Green sustainable flood risk management solutions, and working with stakeholders to find strategies to overcome such barriers. Emily is working closely with local government stakeholders in Newcastle to develop a sustainable vision for urban surface water and flood risk management by maximising the opportunities to achieve multiple benefits of Blue-Green approaches.