A Final Word from Prof. Garry Pender

Call for Expressions of Interest

Dear Colleagues,

We are entering the final few weeks of funding for the network and I would like to start by thanking Catherine for all the hard work she has put into managing FCERM.net over the past 3 years.

Having reviewed feedback from our June Annual Assembly, and taken the advice of our steering group, I believe that there is interest within the FRM community to continue the Network in some form. Various suggestions have been made including, cross research council funding, a rolling chair with academics, industry and government agency staff taking a turn, closer alignment with professional organisations. EPSRC have also indicated that they would consider providing funding, although the network would need to reinvent itself under a new topic and any proposal would be subject to the normal peer review process.

As I intend to step down from running the network, an essential starting point would therefore be identifying someone to take a lead in co-ordinating the submission of a proposal to one of the research councils (probably EPSRC). If you are interested in doing this and think it would be helpful to discuss what is involved with me, let me know by contacting me using this link g.pender@hw.ac.uk

Please feel free to circulate this email to any party or organisation that you feel would be interested in participating.




Professor Garry Pender FREng, FRSE

Professor of Civil Engineering

Institute for Infrastructure and Environment

Heriot-Watt University