December Webinar - Local Flood Risk

Event date: 
Wednesday, 10th December 2014
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Adam Baylis, Research Scientist at the Environment Agency, will present December's webinar on Local Flood Risk:

The new Local Flood Risk research framework is complete and about to be published.  It covers flooding from surface water, groundwater and smaller watercourses, as well as interactions with sewers. It was created by the Local Flood Risk community to identify the research questions that will have real impact on the ground. We plan to present the framework, highlighting the questions that need the most support from the research community. Our aim is to support funding bids that will help answer these questions.


The webinar will begin at 12.15pm with a presentation from Adam, which will last for 20 min or so.  We will reserve 10 minutes at the end of the session for questions and discussion.

To participate please use this link